Bally Power/Rectifier Board


Bally Power/Rectifier Board

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Bally Power/Rectifier Board

High voltage rectifier board used in most late 1980’s solid state Bally games. This board is a direct replacement. Discrete 5A diodes replacing the one Bridge Rectifier. 100% Through-hole components for future serviceability. Thick copper lines. Test points added to check all outgoing voltages. All new components. Made by PindoraBox. Thinking out of the box! Used in these games: Black Pyramid BMX Centaur Centaur II Cybernaut Eight Ball Deluxe Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition Elektra Embryon Fathom Fireball II Flash Gordon Goldball Kings of Steel Medusa Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Rapid Fire Speakeasy Spectrum Spy Hunter Vector Xenon X’s & O’s

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