WPC95 CPU Board


WPC95 CPU Board

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WPC95 CPU Board

Replacement CPU board for all WPC95 games.

  •     Thick 70 mu copper tracks.
  •     Remote battery holder.
  •     All chips on sockets for easy maintainance.

Note: the board comes without the ASIC chip which you can find here, security chip and specific game roms but all of them can be used from your old board.

Made by PindoraBox. Thinking out of the box!

Used in these games:

  •     Attack from Mars
  •     Cactus Canyon
  •     Champion Pub
  •     Cirqus Voltaire
  •     Congo
  •     Junk Yard
  •     Medieval Madness
  •     Monster Bash
  •     NBA Fastbreak
  •     No Good Gofers
  •     Safe Cracker
  •     Scared Stiff
  •     Tales of the Arabian Nights

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